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18/04/2019 by overwinterenadmin

FAQ for tenants:

Do I book via

No all bookings and therefore also all payments are made directly with the owner or manager of the accommodation.

Will I need to pay a fee to when I make a booking?

The tenant does not owe a fee for the bookings.

How will I be able to obtain more information about an accommodation before I decide to make a booking?

The advertisement contains the contact details of the property owner; you will be able to e-mail or call them yourself.

Can I submit complaints about the accommodation to

No, your booking is made directly with the owner/manager.

In case of complaints, you will therefore also need to contact the owner/manager directly.

Please do not forget to report the complaint to the owner/manager as soon as possible after the issue has been discovered/arisen.

FAQ for property owners/managers:

How do I register?

You can register by clicking on Login in the menu or on Register under Advertise.

How do I place an advertisement?

For an explanation on how to place an advertisement, please click on “Advertise” in the menu and then select “Manual”.

How many visitors does get per year and how many pages do they view?

During the past 12 months, had 2.097.504 visitors, which viewed approximately 9.834.288 pages.

Which options do I have to pay for my advertisement?

You can pay via Ideal, PayPal, by credit card via PayPal, or by bank transfer.

After entering the details, you will automatically be taken to our payment page that shows all payment details and options.

How much does it cost to place an advertisement on

An advertisement costs €97,00 per year.

Are there any additional promotional opportunities?

Yes there are additional promotional opportunities:

  • As you know an advert is raised up into the section automatically after prolongation (once a year). From now on you could do this any time: the price for this will be € 9,95 each time.
  • As from today you can include your advert in the vertically circulating banner at the right side of each page. A maximum of 15 pictures will be placed in this banner. The first picture of your advert will be shown here with a link to your advert. This way your picture will be shown 517.090 times per year (7.756.363 : 15). This extra promotional activity will cost: € 15,–/month,  € 40,–/quarter,  € 70,–/half year and € 125,–/year.
  • We can include an reference to your advert in our newsletter. This is sent to hundreds of overwinterers who have subscribed. The costs for one announcement will be € 29,50,-.
  • Would you like on our Facebook page to promote your accommodation for free with a description of your accommodation and a link to your ad on our website? This can in exchange for a link on your website to, if you wish to use this option then let us know where the link is included.

If I have several accommodations that I would like to offer for rent, will I get a discount?

When you click on this link, you will be taken to an overview of possible discounts.

Can I manage my advertisement myself?

Before you place an advertisement, you will need to login in once by entering your e-mail address and a password.

Once you have done this, we will send you an e-mail within a few minutes containing a confirmation link for your registration.

Once you have clicked on this link, you will immediately be able to place the advertisement.

Can I edit my advertisement myself?

Yes, after you have created an account, you will be able to edit your advertisement using your user id and password.

Can a new country and/or region be added?

If your country or region is not listed in the menu, you can place your registration in Other.

After having received your registration, we will create a new country and/or region so that you will be able to place your advertisement there.

Can I influence the findability of my advertisement?

Yes, by including words in the text of your advertisement that you think the tenant may use as search terms.